Bring It On!

Considering I missed the first 2 weeks of my course pretty much in their entirety, I am a little stuck (to say the least) as to what to reflect on… I was busy sunning myself in the South of France – a holiday booked long before I even knew I would apply to do an MSc in Information Science at City University of London! I was also busy celebrating 24 years of marriage (my own!). So I did have a valid excuse…

Nevertheless, I have a confession to make. 

After the induction session, I was on a roll – so excited to be learning about a subject fairly new to me albeit familiar within the context of my job for the last year: Customer Service Assistant in a public library in Kent. I was SO ready to go back to Uni (after 16 years!) and learn some more. Despite this excitement, I did go away on holiday but rejoined the rest of the students at the end of week 2. I feel a little intimidated, scared even, at the content and scope of some of the modules but I am prepared to give it my best, to learn and absorb with intent and enjoy every minute of it. 

I might not have much to reflect on but the little I have heard so far in lectures and the basis on which I have interacted with fellow student colleagues, is already spurring me on to read and research to gain better understanding of what a vital subject Information Science is to our ever-evolving society. From the depths of time to the distant future, I will have been privileged to be a minute part of its history.

Bring it on!

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